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Wedding Photography: Tips!

Don’t Rush into the business

Always remember, someone’s wedding is not your experimental ground. If you are not much experienced, it is not an easy task to manage everything. If you mismanage a shoot, you are ruining someone’s wedding memories. A wedding album is something; a couple cherishes till the death bed. It is a gold treasure to the kids and grandchildren of a couple. There is no hurry to rush into the business. The more you practice, the more you learn, the better you would be in the industry. You can always choose to intern under a professional photographer and learn at a basic level. This would not just give you experience but would also keep you off the responsibility at the early stage. When you would not have a responsibility to manage at a higher level, it would be easy for you to learn as much as possible. In case you make a mistake, there would be a team in your support to take care of it and can save it from becoming a blunder. Once, you get assured that you are finally ready to shoot someone’s wedding, start finding clients. Because once you enter the field, you take along brand name with you. You cannot afford bad reviews as this leads to significant fallback and there is no recovery from that.

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Have backups for everything

Carrying the backups of almost everything is essential. The memory card, battery, or the parts of equipment, lenses, camera body and speedlights. You do not know, what might happen any day and therefore must be prepared for any emergencies. You obviously cannot shoot a wedding without a camera if by some fault it breaks, or lenses break, nobody would pay a camera operator without a camera. You can opt for renting a gear, being a new artist if you cannot afford one yet. This way you would get to experience your hands on the equipment you always wanted and is it suitable for you without even breaking your bank account.

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Prepare a Shot list

You must be prepared with the shots you want from the couple and the bride and groom individually. You must have all the poses in your mind and should be ready to shoot them at any time. You might want to be creative and think on the spot being spontaneous, but sometimes things do not work according to the plan, and therefore you must be ready for the worst situations. Preparing a list would not affect your creativity but would only add on to it. Sometimes, with the time crisis, the pressure becomes too much to think about something new, and you might go blank.

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Why Wedding Photography is so Important!

Every girl dreams of her wedding since childhood. The marriage is not just a social affair to get registered as a husband and wife but is the attachment of emotions and feelings. The wedding night is a massive day for both, the man and woman. With every moment passing by, capturing every second in the hearts doesn’t become enough but need to be captured literally. Photographs are the best source to do that. Photos did not just win a moment but all the memories attached to the moment.

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When you start planning for your wedding, there are many things to take care of, caterers, decorators, budget and most importantly the photographers. With growing trends, people understand the value of a photographer. Every bride wants to be captured perfectly and no less than a Sabyasachi model. She wants to fulfill every possible fantasy regarding her bridal photographs. You would find heart melting pictures on the internet of groom and bride that would give you wedding goals, already! The wedding photography business has updated itself to an extent, that it doesn’t remain with just photographs but a lot more. A wedding movie, is something people die for. It showcases your whole wedding, moment by moment in just a few minutes. It is the most beautiful segment of the entire marriage with all fresh memories recalling in mind, touching the souls deeply.

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The wedding photography might not be as important as it might seek to me but surely deserves to top the priority list. It captures the most important day of your life from top to bottom. It somehow tells a story of the connection you might be feeling on the wedding day and will never let you forget even the smallest detail of the day. This story is worth casting out to everyone possible, your friends, family, on social media and all the places you want them to display it! It seems like a treasure to your children and grandkids. I remember how thrilled I get when I see my parents’ wedding pictures. I love watching their chemistry speaking through those pictures and looking at the young faces of relatives takes away my heart!

The cake would be eaten long back, the dress will be worn once, the shoes will get back in the box, the flowers will wilt, but the photographs will remain with you till your coffin fits you in. I might sound a little demotivating here regarding your wedding plans, but it is all about the perspective. Unless you realize how important a wedding photographer plays a role in your wedding, it is hard to move on to care about other stuff.