Here’s the deal – there’s a reason that the majority of photography businesses don’t survive beyond 5 years – and that’s because when most of us signed up to be photographers, we didn’t realize the implications of running an actual BUSINESS. The bookkeeping, the legalities, the costs of doing business, the marketing, the networking, the workflows, the editing – not to mention actually excelling at our art as photographers. As we’ve grown our own business, we have watched so many of our talented colleagues quit theirs, as they struggled with actually taking home a paycheck, or with finding new clients, or with burnout, or with pricing themselves properly.

And here’s the thing: If you are struggling, if you are not booking like you want, if your business isn’t growing, if you aren’t making money – it’s your OWN fault. And that is GREAT news, because that means that you have all of the power to change it. You can change it. Right now. Today. You aren’t counting on anyone else to make it happen.


About Us And What We Believe About

Before we were photographers, Anna was a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, a Blackhawk Helicopter pilot, got her Master’s Degree in Aeronautics, and then became a high level leader in the corporate world….and one morning, Rick was the young engineer who walked up to repair her helicopter…and the rest is history.

We started our photography business while we were dating, we grew our business to 6 figures within 2 years, Anna quit her corporate gig within 2 years, and we quickly realized that there was a gap in the photography education world – which is filled with posing guides and reception lighting techniques – but which is lacking the resources to help photographers run and grow their businesses so that they can actually put those technical tools to use.

Fast forward 5 more years, and we’ve got 3 adorable boys, we have a thriving wedding photography business and storefront portrait studio, and we are mentors and educators focusing on helping photographers with the business side of photography. We want to empower you to shift your photography from a hobby to an actual business, or to hand you a life raft if you feel like you’re currently drowning in the all-too-common cycle of being overworked and underpaid.

We are passionate about helping photographers like you dream bigger, and then giving you the support needed to reach those dreams.