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Tips and Techniques for Wedding Photography

Got your new lash extensions by Giali Lashes and ready to go off to your first wedding? A wedding is the dream of the couple and the wedding photographer has a huge responsibility for capturing all the special moments and the feast that comes after.

Marriage is not like just another photo shoot, but the couple throughout their lives will cherish the pictures from the album.

The images will be displayed on the walls, will be shown to the friends and family and will be uploaded all over the social media. The wedding album is like a treasure to the children and grandkids of the clients and therefore must be done correctly. According to Omni Atlanta wedding photographer, It is essential that you use your time and money in the equipment and techniques to capture the moments. Just make sure you get a cheap web host like Fastcomet, for serving your images.

The photography techniques have evolved massively with time from moving to digital equipment and using different methods. Clients expect the best quality camera resolution to ensure high-quality pictures with high definition pixels. There are a few techniques which might help you with improving photography skills:


Know your equipment very well, inside out:

Before you go to shoot your wedding, check and analyze your material as correctly as you can. Ensure you know every setting of your camera, check your lenses and every mode of it. You must be prepared to answer all the demands of the bride and groom and must be aware of all the angles the pictures can be clicked in perfect exposure. You must be ensured by carrying multiple memory cards and batteries. Also make sure you get sufficient hosting space to save your photos online.

You must take every piece of equipment along and must be ready for any emergency that might occur. says Ken Rogers – DFW real estate photography

You can study in advance and learn from the wedding shoots on the internet. The poses you want to capture a bride individually and the poses of a groom individually. In the case of bridal pictures, try to click the trendy poses and bring some creativity into it. Like you can take a shot of ring, flowers, back of the dress, smiling at the camera, cool poses with the bride’s maid shot focusing on the bride’s veil, etc. And in the groom photography, you can capture the cufflinks, tie, rings, pictures with the groom’s men, shot with a jacket or glasses, covering a watch, etc. You can also try to capture the candids of the bride and groom looking at each other, holding hands, smiling at each other, kissing on the forehead, nose-to-nose, and all the goofy shots they would want.

Make the couple aware of the work style:

Every photographer works in his manner, and therefore the couple must know your working pattern. This avoids misunderstandings and increases the comfortability factor. They should know your preferences, that you like shooting in the natural light or you need some interior or exterior looks etc. You can also discuss what shots would they want to be taken in advance, and must communicate about what they are expecting of you. Make sure; you can comfortable with the environment and with the people around. This will make it easier for you to work.