Photographers For The Adventurous At Heart

Like the first time you try on a Patagonia sweater? Or that moment when you first realize that you’re completely head-over-heels in love? Thats how we feel when we’re taking photos together.

When we decided to pursue photography we left behind degrees in physics and nuclear engineering and careers that allowed us to fly helicopters around the world, and we haven’t looked back since.

We are adventurers. We’ve traveled to over 30 countries and lived abroad for 10 years. Our love for each otherunfolded while navigating the canals of Amsterdam, the winding arteries of the Amazon, the subterranean cisterns of Istanbul, and the dizzying heights of the Dolomites – but we’ve found that our greatest adventure of all was waiting for us back home, pursuing our passion for photography.

We compliment each other. Anna’s a perfectionist who researches everything and lives for the details. Rick is more laid back and keeps us grounded. And it’s that combination of Anna’s attention to details and perfectionism and Ricks laid-back optimism that makes our lives rich and our photography unique.