Types of catering services you need to know

Wedding services catering

Such catering services are indicative of its name. Wedding services catering tend to provide scrumptious dishes and wide varieties to satisfy the appetite of the guests and the special couple. The wedding caterers play a crucial role in the special day of the bride and groom as they cater beautiful and delicious food at such a momentous gathering and lures everyone by the love for exquisite cuisine.


Corporate catering

Corporate events such as a celebration of attainment of targets, or establishing profitable deals with lucrative clients and closing deals demand a ceremony accompanied by high-quality food. This is where corporate caterers excel as they specialize in serving vast arrays of food varieties to foreigners and esteemed guest.

Cocktail reception

Cocktail receptions demand expert catering services trained in serving delicious finger food accompanied by wide varieties of flamboyant drinks. During such social gatherings, caterers serve snacks on small and easy to eat plates.

Working in kitchen

Bento catering

A rather innovative yet attractive way of catering is the bento catering. Bento sourcing from Japanese dialect translates to “convenient” which is apt considering an entire meal consisting of an appetizer, the main course followed by dessert are packed into one box and distributed to the attendees.

Buffet catering

Undoubtedly one of the most common and popular forms of catering services availed at social gatherings, buffet catering offers an abundance of food varieties to choose from. Moreover, such catering services are self-service, giving the attendee the freedom to determine his portion and choice of food.

Sit down catering

Sit down catering services are comparatively more posh and expensive than buffet catering. The sole difference being the fantastic ambiance combined with food attendants personally delivering exquisite dishes to the seated guests.


Petite take away buffet catering

Wholly unfamiliar to many, petite take away services of buffet catering means that food available in a typical buffet cuisine is packed according to customer preferences in a disposable container and then delivered to the customers at their house.

When customers demand a more personalized atmosphere or more variety of food, catering companies tend to satisfy such customer needs by serving and conducting gatherings according to their desire. Catering services are primarily customer preference based and tend to provide many suggestions to them.