Until this year, I have seriously struggled with having thin, fine, and oily hair – and in my quest to solve those issues I have learned so much that I want to share with you, specifically around how to fix oily hair!  I’ve always struggled with too much oil/grease and had to wash my hair […]

Hair Tips

November 2, 2018

How To Fix Oily Hair or Greasy Hair

Last week here on the blog, I talked about having belief in yourself….and today’s post is kind of a continuation of that topic, so if you missed last week’s post you can get caught up by clicking here.  Today I’m going to talk about how to identify and stop negative self talk, and I find […]

Success Mindset

September 18, 2018

5 Steps To Flip The Script On Negative Self Talk

Last year I was doing a coaching session with a photographer, and she asked me a question that threw me for a loop and really made me dig below the surface, and just recently it’s come up quite a few times…so I wanted to craft today’s blog post around this specific topic, because of ALL […]

Success Mindset

September 14, 2018

The Magic “Thing” Needed For Success

Welcome to my new blog, I’m so happy that you’re here!  Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve blogged on and off for our photography businesses, and that has always meant writing for our clients and other photographers, but this, THIS, is going to be different.   If you’re looking for perfection, you certainly […]


September 11, 2018

Welcome To The New Blog!


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